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Pricing Guide

Pricing is the base trip charge to arrive and set up at a location of your choice, plus completed project cost, and the trip charge is set according to distance from my location to yours.
Example: Zip code 30040 to (insert your project address here) Total mileage = Trip Charge/Deposit required to begin.

The trip charges will be credited toward the final invoice, but guarantees my time is not wasted and i am compensated fairly for my travel to your project location. Trip charges must be paid up front, with the remainder due upon completion of agreed upon terms. Pricing for specific projects will vary, so please contact me to discuss the details.

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39.4 Miles = Tier 2

Tier 1: 0 to 25 Miles = $100

Tier 2: 26 to 50 Miles = $200

Tier 3: 51 to 100 Miles = $300

Tier 4: 101 to 200 Miles = $500

Tier 5: 201 to 300 Miles = $600

Tier 6: 300+ Miles Requires Accomodations. Please Contact to discuss.

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