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        y passion for photography and videography has been a part of me since childhood. With a an eye for angles and an artistic, creative mind, my passion has evolved into perfecting what I see behind the lens into visual art. I thrive on stunning and entertaining content that can be utilized across several platforms for a variety of purposes.
      I'm constantly striving to nurture my craft, and explore new opportunities to develop my skill set. My work is a reflection of
13 years of  experience in the industry, and I take pride in the finished products that I present to my clients.

                      I look forward to working with you.             


Expert Experience in the Adobe Suite

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Get To Know Me
I have always had an interest in cars and all things automotive. I have been involved in the car scene since 2014, and have built my own import cars, and it is a hobby i continue to pursue. A lot of my photography is focused on cars, from imports to exotics, american muscle to trucks, i enjoy them all. a lot of my experience was developed around using a car as my subject, and I have formed many friendships with fellow enthusiasts. While I am always willing to produce stunning car photos and videos, I am looking to broaden my portfolio with landscapes, portraits, travel, and other types of photography and video.

Self Portrait
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I was born in Atlanta Georgia and raised in
gwinnett county.
I have explored so much of georgia since i have a great interest in hiking, exploring, and i am always looking for beautiful places to grow my portfolio. I have lived
here my whole life, but i love to travel to
new destinations any chance I get.


Some of my favorites
I am the sole contributor to M Photography + Video, and all work posted on this website was produced and edited by me unless stated otherwise. These are a few of my favorite photos, which are also for sale in full resolution files on my digital download store.

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